• Tex

  • Dog ID: 19-027

  • Surrender Date: 8/25/2019

  • Gender: Male

  • Adoption Fee: $450, plus applicable tax

  • Age: 1.5 years

  • Energy Level: Medium

  • Interactions with dogs: Good

  • Interactions with kids: Good

  • Interactions with cats: Unknown

  • Medical or Behavior Challenge Notes:


September 19, 2019:

Tex here! I wanted to let you all now what my new adventures have entailed I have a lot to tell you!!! I have two new foster brothers that have been showing me the ropes in my foster home. I love both of them! Now that I have been here for a while they both have taken me in and we have a good old time running around in the yard seeing who is the fastest! I also love wrestling and playing bitey face with both of them. My oldest foster brother was not as quick to welcome me and was letting me know he needed space and time to get to know me. I was respectful of him and now we are best buds! My foster mom says he usually does not take too quickly to new dogs in his home and that I have been a good boy and now he even lets me lay by him and sometimes share his toys! I am very good with toys with other dogs and with people. I am also able to free roam the house with my foster brothers and there are no issues. I am good about not chewing on anything or destroying anything in the house. I do whine a little when humans leave as I am sad to see them go! I like having my foster brothers here to keep me company when the humans leave though. So far the longest I have been home without humans has been 3 hours. I think I would be ok for a little longer, but not sure I would like being without my humans for a full day. I love going for walks. My foster parents took all three of us on a hike the other day and it was wonderful. I did want to go see everyone that passed us and did pull a bit. My foster mom says I still need to work with my walker on that. My foster parents also took me to a campground to visit with their family the other day and I did good. There was a baby there and I wanted to go see her sooooo bad! I don't realize that my jumping could possibly hurt so I was told that needs to be worked on as well. But once I calmed down a bit I just wanted to love on the baby! I gave her kisses! 😉 I met an 8 month old Great Pyrenees mix while we were there and all I wanted to do was play with her! She was beautiful! The next day they took me to go watch a parade and I did sooooo good from what I was told! I did want to greet every person and dog that I passed or that walked by me in the beginning. After we found our spot I met and did great with everyone that wanted to pet me or come sniff me! I sat and watched everyone in the parade! I was not scared ( other than the bagpipes I was not scared I just didn't care for them) and my foster mom said I was a good boy through the whole parade and that she was surprised at how well I did just sitting and watching everything! My foster mom said we can probably start looking for my Furever family soon! She said that she will find the best family for me. That she will find one that understands that although I am well behaved that I am still very much a puppy and need lots of exercise and still need some work with walking without pulling and jumping on people to greet them. I get so excited and just want them to love me! I will also get the zoomies when I go outside so if they have a long leed to put me on or a fenced in area that would be awesome! I can't wait to meet my Furever Family when the time comes! I promise if they will love me and put the effort and time in along with my hardwork and love I will not disappoint! Oh PS my foster sister and my foster mom say that I am the best snuggler ever!!!

August 27, 2019:
Tex is settling in with his new foster family and foster golden brothers. He is a very well behaved young man so far. He loves balls! He knows basic commands and sits to be petted. He loves people and loves our golden boys as well. He is respectful of their space. He needs work with walking on a leash as he pulls pretty good when going for walks. He is a handsome petite young lad. He has his vet visit coming up to check him over, get him caught up on his vaccines and preventatives and schedule his neutering surgery. We are looking forward to learning more about this boy in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out for updates on this handsome fella!