• Leo

  • Dog ID: 18-036

  • Surrender Date: 9/8/2018

  • Gender: Male

  • Adoption Fee: $400, plus applicable tax

  • Age: 2 years

  • Energy Level: Medium-High

  • Interactions with dogs: Good

  • Interactions with kids: Good with most kids

  • Interactions with cats: Unknown

  • Medical or Behavior Challenge Notes:


November 22, 2018:

Leo here! I have been doing well these last few weeks. My foster mom has been working with me by bringing new people around so I don’t get stressed when meeting someone new. I either get treats or a toy when new people are around if they stop by my foster home or outside. I visited the grocery store parking lot a couple days ago to get use to random people walking around and I tried very hard not to bark at anyone. My foster mom said I did very well and that we will continue to work on this! You see I am just a little unsure of new people. I really just want everyone to notice me and am unsure on how to act and my bark can be intimidating to people. I really am just a big goof and love attention and to play.

I am still working on sit, lie down and stay. If my foster brothers are around when we meet new people my confidence is up and I just walk on by. My foster brother Arthur and I get along great and we get to play together when we are left alone. My other foster brother Stanley are doing pretty good together but sometimes we disagree. My foster mom gives treats to all of us together during training, and we are very respectful of each other, but she is careful with toys being around, just in case!

I would love to have another dog to play with in my forever home but would need to be the right dog and have lots of energy like I do because I could play and wrestle forever.

My foster mom does crate me when she cannot take me or my foster brother Stanley with her and I sometimes do well, other times I will try to escape my crate.

I am still learning to stay down when I get too excited and not jump on people or mouth them, but I am getting much better! I am still learning after all! Sometimes I get a bit sassy and I am going to be on the bigger side when I grow up, so a home with small children would not be the best fit for me. If there is an older teen that is good with dogs and knows how to act around me I would like that as well. Sometimes I like to push boundaries if I do not get my way, but it is out of frustration and I am working on learning not to do these things.

I had a trainer come visit me the other day and she said I am a good dog and just need someone to work with me since I get stressed when I meet new people, and having a treat along helps with this as well. She also said I would be good doing nose work activities in time. My foster mom is doing great with me and she says I have come a long way since I first came to her. She says I am super smart and will do great if given the right tools and activities to help me along. I am excited for my future and know that if my forever home is patient with me and will give me the time I need, I will be the best dog ever!

Signed Leo🐾

October 31, 2018:

This handsome big fella has been making strides in our home since having a trainer come in and help us work with Leo and his confidence. He was fearful of new people and would bark at them. He now greets people much better, and his two foster brothers are helping him gain his confidence as well.

Speaking of foster brothers, Leo still is very much a puppy, however, having his foster brothers to play with and playing many brain games and making him work for his food makes him a much happier and tired out dog.

He does well outside of the crate day and night as long as things are picked up and counters are free of things he can get into. We have lots of plants in the house and he leaves them alone. Leo does great when crated for short periods of time, and has had a couple of bathes since coming to stay with us and has done great each time.

He is also a big guy that does not realize his size so a family that has older children would be best so they can teach Leo boundaries when playing. Leo would love a fenced yard to be able to run, play, and explore, although not necessary, but being a young boy he does need daily exercise and mental stimulation.

We have been working on teaching him sit, lie down and stay. He is doing really well with all three especially if his foster pups are by his side helping him learn. Leo is a great young lad with lots of love to give!

October 14, 2018:

Leo is such a goof, and yes still gets into puppy trouble! He got ahold of the harness for walking and chewed it, so now he gets a new harness. He is learning that if he sits by me instead of getting pushy that he will get some much deserved attention. He is getting along great with his foster brothers and they get short play sessions together. He does like to play a little rough sometimes, but Leo is learning that rough play is not the right kind of play. It is amazing to see him learning to trust his foster family more and more every day. Leo is a wonderful boy and it going to grow up to be a big beautiful goofball that will be as loyal as the day is long. He is so lovable, just needs a little guidance like all dogs at his young age do. He is a very smart boy and we capitalize on that with training. He is learning many new things and picks up the routine quickly. This boy has a bright future and he will continue to learn to be the best golden he can be! I will keep you posted on his progress.

September 24, 2018:

This handsome big guy has been with us for a full week now. He is settling in nicely and has taken well to his foster brother Arthur. They are non-stop ruff housing play buddies! They wear each other out which has been great to occupy and tire Leo out. Stanley, his other foster brother, is much slower to warm up to Leo and Leo is learning to take queues from Stanley to stay back a bit. Stanley is slowly warming up to him and the two of them played for a short time yesterday.

Leo knows sit and we are working on lie down and is picking up on it quite well. Leo loves car rides and will jump right in and wait to go somewhere. He rides well while in the car and will lie down after we are on our way. When we have to leave for a little bit he goes into his crate and does well in there for the short time we have to put him in there. I have tested him a few times out of the crate with Arthur and they play for a bit then pass out. He was been good about not tearing into things during that short period.

He loves toys and when he is not with our boys we give him toys to play with and he is funny to watch. He does well on a leash walking around our yard and from our house to our shop. He still very much has puppy energy, but with another dog in the house he tires out. He gets overly excited when you first come in the house and or let him out of the crate. We are working on staying down as he likes to jump during these occasions. He also likes to grab your leg with his paws to get your attention if you won't let him jump on you. We are working on knowing that both of these are not ok and he is slowly realizing he does not get what he wants when he does these things. He also on occasion with give off a growly bark and when he sees someone new, but he keeps his tail wagging and is excited to meet whomever it is. Once the person pets him he stops and is grateful to have the attention.

He is potty trained, but will pee a bit after being let out of the crate because he is so excited. So he goes straight outside to minimise this. We took a trip to the vet last week and upon entering there was a lady and her dog by the counter and Leo let out his growly bark, but just continued past the other dog and he did fine. He did well with his exam and getting his updated shots. Everything came back well except for he tested positive for Lyme's, however he shows no symptoms at all. He has to go in for his booster in a couple weeks and will be going back in next Tuesday to get neutered. He does well with our teenage daughters, but given how big he is someone with small children may not be a good fit for him as he is a big boy and doesn't realize his size. He is a great boy and just needs to learn some manners and have someone that is willing to take the time to train him properly.

September 15, 2018:

Leo made the trip to his foster home just fine, this boy loves to ride in the car! He is getting settled in with his temporary family and is enjoying getting to know everyone and everything. Leo will be giving us an official update after he sees the vet. We are all excited to learn more about the beautiful boy, so stay tuned!