• Hazel

  • Dog ID: 19-009

  • Surrender Date: 2/15/2019

  • Gender: Female/spayed

  • Adoption Fee: $350, plus applicable tax

  • Age: 6 years

  • Energy Level: Medium

  • Interactions with dogs: Good

  • Interactions with kids: Unknown

  • Interactions with cats: Good

  • Medical or Behavior Challenge Notes:


July 2, 2019:

It has been a month now since Hazel arrived in her new foster home. She is settling in nicely. Because of the many rainy days, she has spent much of her time indoors but is very content.

Hazel is a beautiful sweet girl who loves people and gets along well with visiting dogs. She is not much of a barker, but will let me know with one bark if needed. Thunder has not bothered her, but startles a little at the sound of loud firecrackers. She is now on a reduced dose of the anti-anxiety medication that she was taking when she first arrived. She is doing well.

Hazel needs a little encouragement to get in a car. She hesitates to enter unknown dark places and will not go down the basement steps. She loves to run around the fenced in yard, but still does not know how to play with toys or retrieve a ball. Although she is taken outside on a regular basis, there are times she chooses to relieve herself in the house on her favorite blanket.

She has learned "sit", "come", “stay” and "go for a walk". She initially had some resistance to be put on a leash but now goes eagerly! There are times when she shows her "shut down" personality by crouching to the floor but overcomes it fairly quickly with a command. She is a real love and very smart.

April 14, 2019:

Since Hazel has come to us, she has made some major strides. Everyday she comes more out of her shell. This week we got to see Hazel try to engage her roommate Turbo (a Beagle) in some dog play. Normally it's the other way around and Hazel tries to ignore his pouncing around as him just being obnoxious, but this time when she pounced back and put her rear in the air, I could only smile and be happy for her and think she is finally learning what it is to be a dog.

Hazel is still fearful of some noises and sudden movements, but this is much less than she was just six weeks ago. Maybe this will always be a part of who she is, so we just respect that and move slowly and use softer voices around her. She seems to love having music playing for her during the day, this and some medication has helped her anxiety. With the warmer weather, Hazel enjoys being outside in the sun and listening to the birds. When inside, Hazel loves to be where her people are. We try to shower her with lots of love and affection which is easy to do, as Hazel is a beautiful, sweet and VERY lovable girl.

March 17, 2019:

Hazel has come a long way in a week. She came to us very quiet and reserved, maybe fearful. She was afraid of going up and down stairs but with a little help in the way of watching Turbo, her Beagle roommate, she quickly learned there was nothing to be afraid of. While she wouldn't go outside (which is down 3 stairs) without Turbo in the lead for the first two days, by day three she was going in and out with or without company. Right from the start, Hazel liked to be around people and will always follow where ever we go, and then lay at your feet. Upon arrival to her new foster home, she would willingly let us pet her and show her all sorts of love, but would never raise her head off the floor. On day two we got to see her pretty eyes, on day three she trusted enough to put her head in your lap while laying on the floor with her. She is coming around to now approaching us when sitting by coming over to be petted. We've surrounded Hazel with toys of all kinds, none of which she's really too excited about just yet. Sadly, she was interested in some furniture mid week and a pillow today. Any deterrent to chewing besides the obvious toys is appreciated. Hazel is a beautiful and sweet girl who is coming more and more out of her shell each day. We haven't been on a walk yet with all the ice but hope to get some leash walking in over the weekend after the warm up. She does enjoy playing outside and exploring the yard, but there's only so much fun you can have inside a fence. More fun to come...

February 26, 2019:

Hazel is settling in nicely. She is very shy and goes to her safe place in the back bedroom whenever she gets overwhelmed. Otherwise she follows me around the house and comes when I call her. I let her outside to go potty frequently but she is still having accidents about once a day. She has only been here 6 days. She gets along with my 10 year old female black lab and 5 cats just fine. Hazel loves her two mile walks. She likes to run around me in circles and I have to be careful not to trip over her. She is healthy except for a yeast infection in her ears. She was spayed and had her teeth cleaned and 6 teeth pulled before she came into GRRoW. She is gradually getting used to household noises. The TV and refrigerator scare her and the first time she heard the toilet flush she really freaked out. She has a very sweet personality, just needs time to adjust.

February 20, 2019:

More information to come.