• Grace

  • Dog ID: 19-006

  • Surrender Date: 2/4/2019

  • Gender: Female

  • Adoption Fee: $450, plus applicable tax

  • Age: 10 months

  • Energy Level: Medium

  • Interactions with dogs: Good

  • Interactions with kids: Unknown

  • Interactions with cats: Unknown

  • Medical or Behavior Challenge Notes: Heart murmur


July 22, 2019:

Grace is now 10 months old & weighs in at 50lbs. She's a typical pup and still has issues with chewing. It's getting better but we still need to be very careful with leaving things in her reach. She still gets the "zoomies" every day, where she runs around the yard very fast for a short time. Her "pink kiddie pool" has helped keep her cool when we go outside. Grace had her follow up visit at the UW and they confirmed that her heart procedure was successful and she is cleared to lead a normal life. She goes in on Monday July 29th to get spayed. Grace has enjoyed attending a couple of fund raisers recently. She loves the attention from people & hanging out with her GRRoW dog friends.

April 18, 2019:

Grace is doing well after her heart surgery a week ago! The procedure went as planned with no complications. The Doctor shared that when the placement of the device was checked via ultrasound a day after the procedure, her heart had already begun to return to normal size. Excellent news! 🐾

She left the UW on 3 meds. (None of them for her heart!) She will be down to 1 by the end of this week.The staples holding her incision will be removed next week. They took great care of her at the UW and she was a popular patient!

The biggest challenge we have is keeping Gracie calm and quiet for a couple weeks so the device can heal and become part of her body. Fortunately she is on a sedative to help. During the day Grace is on leash and generally rests well next to someone with eyes on her. While we sleep or are not able to directly watch her, she wears a cone so she doesn't get at her staples and she rests in her crate. (Thankfully she doesn't mind her crate) When she's excited, a kong with frozen baby food or banana helps settle her down. Gracie also likes simply to be next to you while you pet her or rub her belly.

Grace will return to the UW in about 2 months for testing to verify everything is on track and in place. She is very fortunate to have the support of GRRoW and all the people that worked events or made donations for her procedure!💞

April 8, 2019:

Gracie's surgery is fast approaching. We will all be so glad when it's complete and her heart issue is repaired . . . we can notice more as she's growing that she gets short of breath easily and she has this quick pant and very strong and fast heart beat even after just a little playing or running around. Every night she gets the "zoomies" just before bedtime. We have to work hard to get her to calm down . . . obviously she has no idea she has an issue and needs to take it easy.

She's a lot of fun as she continues to get more confident and comfortable. Her tail now wags a lot and she loves toys. She can't have stuffed ones anymore since they only last minutes before she has stuffing coming out . . . so now she has the kong material type. Her favorites are one that makes a strange sound when it rolls a certain way and one that we put a little kibble in and as it rolls around a piece will come out occasionally.

She eats well but isn't particularly food motivated. One of the cute but messy things she does is play in her water dish with her paws. After she's done drinking she will sometimes splash around in the dish. Her fears of any fast movement and new sounds are getting better but she's still somewhat jumpy. We've made little progress on basic commands but potty training is going very good! She's learned to let us know when she's got to go out and she stands by the door and paws at it.

She loves to be outside in the fenced back yard. She often comes looking for a belly and body rub, especially after a nap! She typically follows us around the house, but if you don't see or hear her you better go looking quickly because she's probably getting into some sort of trouble!
Grace is a smart little peanut. A laundry basket used to keep her out of the family room but she quickly learned that she can jump on a couple things to get where she wants to go.

We're saying our prayers that things go well for Grace on Wednesday and we'll do our best to take good care of her as she recovers!!

February 12, 2019:

Grace is currently in foster care and has been diagnosed with a severe heart murmur. For such a little girl she already has big problems. And she needs our help.

Grace has a congenital heart condition called Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA). The PDA is the failure of a large blood vessel to close just after birth. This vessel runs from the aorta to the pulmonary artery and should close shortly after birth, which then directs blood flow into the newly inflated lungs. If it does not close it causes the heart to enlarge, forcing it to work harder and fluid builds up in the lungs making it hard to breath (congestive heart failure).

There is a cure, but it will require special non-invasive surgery as soon as possible! It's the only option for Grace to live a long and healthy life!

Grace doesn't know how sick she is and she just wants to play and do puppy stuff. After she has this surgery, Grace will live a completely normal life. She can be the delightful bundle of energy she is without endangering her heart.

Grace's medical expenses will total more than $5,000. We hope you agree that it's a fair price to pay to save the life of this young rescue pup, who will bring much joy to her forever family.