• Daisy

  • Dog ID: 19-001

  • Surrender Date: 3/4/2019

  • Gender: Female

  • Adoption Fee: $400, plus applicable tax

  • Age: 11 months

  • Energy Level: Medium-High

  • Interactions with dogs: Good

  • Interactions with kids: Good

  • Interactions with cats: Unknown

  • Medical or Behavior Challenge Notes:


May 17, 2019:

Daisy is doing well. She has gone on some hikes in the woods and loves running up and down the trail. She has finally made friends with the cats and you can find them sleeping together at times on the couch (which makes her very happy. She worked very hard on their friendship 😊) She is a typical golden as she is always under foot and loves to sleep in the bed with us. We are working on crate training and she will start basic manners class in June.

April 8, 2019:

Daisy is fitting in well with our family and is getting more comfortable. She has no issues with other dogs. She does tell them when they push her too far but it is short and brief.

I can pick up her food while she is eating it and also pet her while she is eating. She is very mouthy when she gets excited but we are working on that. She gets no attention until she quits the behavior and then when she has settled down she gets her praise and pets.

Daisy is good with cats. She does try to play with them and is gentle.

She rides in the car great. She just lays down or watches out the window.

Daisy is super cuddly and loves to lay on the couch or in bed with her head on your lap and be petted. She sleeps on the bed with us.

Daisy has no manners when it comes to treats. She will try to take right out of your hand so we have also been working on that. She will sit and come when called but does not know stay.

I have not kenneled her yet but we are going to try it this weekend while we are home just to see how she does.

I don't think she is as potty trained as we were lead to believe. I have found a few accidents in the house recently. I do leave her out with the resident dog during the day. They are gated in the living room. She did tear one hat apart when loose.

I think she might have a skin condition because she itches a lot. She goes to the vet soon so I will address this issue with them. I have brushed her and cleaned her ears and she was okay with that.

March 10, 2019:

Daisy is new in foster care. She is friendly and cuddly and loves to be petted. She's potty trained. She hasn't been eating very good. It could be because it's a different brand of food. She gets along great with the two resident dogs. She seems to be fairly mellow but does like to romp around the yard and house with her two new friends. Daisy will need to be spayed before she is adopted.