• Adira “Addy”

  • Dog ID: 18-037

  • Surrender Date: 10/26/2018

  • Gender: Female

  • Adoption Fee: $450, plus applicable tax

  • Age: 5 years

  • Energy Level: Medium

  • Interactions with dogs: Unknown

  • Interactions with kids: Unknown

  • Interactions with cats: Unknown

  • Medical or Behavior Challenge Notes: Commercial breeding dog, shy, reserved


November 29, 2018:

Adira has a long road ahead of her to becoming a social dog. Adira is very skittish especially if we move around. If she is in a room standing and we walk toward her she will run and hide. We consider her not hiding her head when we go near her a step in the right direction. She is also laying on a dog bed in the living room. She will sit up and look around at times....baby step. If I talk to her she lays back down. She is doing better going outside willingly. She will do her business but constant runs up to the dog door to go back in. She is still getting used to being outside. She totally ignores my dogs and cat. I was hoping my golden and her would become companions but she still doesn't want anything to do with him. She is eating fairly well but still does it when we are gone. Once and awhile she will eat it in the living room. She does prefer my husband to me. I think he is more sedentary whereas I am always moving around in the house. She did go to the vet and is being treated for whip worms.

She also got her teeth cleaned, all shots up to date and spayed. No more babies for this girl!!!

October 30, 2018:

I just picked up Adira. Her names means strong which she has to be due to not having many litters and not a lot of human interaction. Right now she is petrified and shut down. She will need time to learn how to be a dog and trust people. More to come.......