• Adira “Addy”

  • Dog ID: 18-037

  • Surrender Date: 10/26/2018

  • Gender: Female

  • Adoption Fee: $450, plus applicable tax

  • Age: 5 years

  • Energy Level: Medium

  • Interactions with dogs: Unknown

  • Interactions with kids: Unknown

  • Interactions with cats: Unknown

  • Medical or Behavior Challenge Notes: Commercial breeding dog, shy, reserved


April 27, 2019:

Adira has two different personalities. When I get home she will be outside running around barking excitedly, tail wagging. I will go up to the fence and once I get into the yard she runs into the house and sits on her bed. If I stay outside and sit down in my chair she will come back out and come up to me on her own. She still prefers it when there are other dogs around. When I am inside it is not so easy except when I have other dogs with me and using hot dogs. Unfortunately, she will not come up to me at all on her own while in the house. She spends most of her time on her dog bed. I have been working with her on leash walking and she definitely is not comfortable with it. We do o.k. in our yard but anywhere other than that she is very afraid. I have taken her on the road many times but it is not a positive experience so we will not do that for awhile. She will need a very quiet home, another dog, someone with a lot of patience and understanding and a fence. She has tried to bolt while on leash while walking. I feel honored giving Adira the life she deserves and the chance to be a loved family member. She has had a hard life and would love someone who can continue to give her the life she needs to continue to heal.

March 8, 2019:

Adira has been making some progress. I can get her to take hot dog pieces from my hand and she will come to me to get a treat but another dog has got to be present. She is coming to get pets more often too. We have been working on walking outside the fenced in yard. We get further and further everyday. She always looks back at the house and will frequently walk into my body for reassurance. Her tail is still between her legs but it is a start. As we get closer to the house she will venture out longer on the lead. She has become a 6 year old puppy when we are not at home. She will get into some trouble at times: she loves to chew up paper, socks and take stuff off the kitchen table. She finds my work bag delightful and what she is looking for I don't have a clue. She likes to hoard stuffed toys on the love seat or her dog bed and she will destroy them. She was crated one day and I didn't have the heart to do it again. I just make sure there is nothing around for her to get into and close the bathroom door. She loves the outdoors and will run and jump around especially when I pull up in the car. It has been a long haul of learning to trust for this young lady but we are slowly getting there.

February 3, 2019:

Adira is doing well. Health-wise Adira is wonderful. She has lost a couple pounds with more work to be done. Most of her work will be in the area of becoming a family member. She is still very shy and will not approach for petting in the house. Outside if I am petting other dogs she will approach for petting. In the house I can sit next to her and pet other dogs then she will solicit petting by putting her nose on me. She is still very skittish with fast movements and loud noises. I have tried to take her on walks but she is petrified of the vehicles so we have not ventured out off the property. She prefers the safety of the fenced in yard even when she appears to want to go out. I have taken her outside of the fenced in yard but she is very scared. She is playing with our Gordon Setter, Teddy. She will start the play session on her own. She is also a toy hoarder. She will run go get a toy and bring it to her bed. She also has a taste for chewing up socks and rags. We even have evidence that she has taken something off the kitchen table. So in these ways she is starting as a puppy at six years old. She just had her birthday too.

December 26, 2018:

Adira is still making progress albeit slowly. She will come outside without having to be leashed and will actually stay outside and run around. If she is laying on the love seat I can sit next to her and pet her. She is more apt to ask for petting if I am also petting another dog. She loves to run around the house when she doesn't see us in the same room. She will pick up toys and put them on the love seat. It is nice to see her tail out from in between her legs and her head held up. Her eyes are changing too. They don't seem so sad and without life; they are happier. She does not have accidents at all in the house.

November 29, 2018:

Adira has a long road ahead of her to becoming a social dog. Adira is very skittish especially if we move around. If she is in a room standing and we walk toward her she will run and hide. We consider her not hiding her head when we go near her a step in the right direction. She is also laying on a dog bed in the living room. She will sit up and look around at times....baby step. If I talk to her she lays back down. She is doing better going outside willingly. She will do her business but constant runs up to the dog door to go back in. She is still getting used to being outside. She totally ignores my dogs and cat. I was hoping my golden and her would become companions but she still doesn't want anything to do with him. She is eating fairly well but still does it when we are gone. Once and awhile she will eat it in the living room. She does prefer my husband to me. I think he is more sedentary whereas I am always moving around in the house. She did go to the vet and is being treated for whip worms.

She also got her teeth cleaned, all shots up to date and spayed. No more babies for this girl!!!

October 30, 2018:

I just picked up Adira. Her names means strong which she has to be due to not having many litters and not a lot of human interaction. Right now she is petrified and shut down. She will need time to learn how to be a dog and trust people. More to come.......