Adoption Pending

  • Daisy
  • Dog ID: 17-037
  • Surrender Date:  8/15/2017
  • Gender: Female
  • Adoption Fee: $450
  • Age: 
  • Energy Level: High
  • Interactions with dogs: Good
  • Interactions with kids: Unkown
  • Interactions with cats: Unknown
  • Medical or Behavior Challenge Notes: 


November 6, 2017:

Daisy is truly a sweet girl. She has all the other pups wrapped right around her little finger. She plays with all of them and it is so fun to watch them run, and roll each other over. She definitely knows how to get their attention. Loving all the toys and playing tug of war with the dogs. We have started putting peanut butter in a kong and freezing it and she gets that when we are going to be gone more than a few hours.