We match our Goldens in foster care to each applicant based on criteria noted on your application and the home visit report. It is very easy to fall in love with a picture or a story, but that may not match what you are looking for in a dog. For this reason, we do not allow applicants to select the dog they want to adopt. A great testament to this policy is the low rate of returned Goldens that were adopted from GRRoW.

Adoption Fees:

A non-refundable fee of $25 is required with each adoption application.

Puppy through one year old - $450, plus applicable tax

One year to  five years old - $400, plus applicable tax

Five years to eight years old - $350, plus applicable tax

Eight years old and older - $150, plus applicable tax

Families, or individuals, adopting a senior dog who have adopted a senior dog from GRRoW in the past, may adopt another senior dog from the rescue for $75, plus tax.

Adoption Process:

Our applications are currently ONLY open to families, or individuals, who are interested in adopting one of our wonderful rescued Golden Retrievers, ages eight years old and older (our senior boys and girls), or dogs who have medical and/or behavioral special needs.  These dogs have plenty of love to share and energy for play and walks, with the added benefit of being past the sometimes-challenging puppy and toddler years! If you are interested in adopting one of these amazing dogs, please fill out the Pre-Adoption Inquiry on our Adoption Application page and a volunteer will contact you within 48 hours to get the process started.

GRRoW reserves the right to cancel an adoption application or deny an adoption at any time during the adoption process.

Please do not pay any money until instructed by a volunteer. To make a donation please go to our Donate page.

Our applications for goldens who are not seniors, or who do not have special needs, are currently closed.  We continue to match those dogs with families who have been waiting to adopt from us.  Keep checking our website, as this status may change in the future.