Thank you for your interest in adopting one of our rescued Golden Retrievers. We are not accepting adoption applications at this time, while we work to match the families on our current waitlist with a dog. Please continue to check this page for updates. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

GRRoW reserves the right to cancel an adoption application or deny an adoption at any time during the adoption process.


What do I need to do in order to adopt a Golden from GRRoW?

In order to start the adoption process through GRRoW, you must complete the online Application Form.  Once you have submitted this form, a volunteer will get in touch with you to go over the next steps in the adoption process.

What is a Home Visit? 

A home visit allows a GRRoW representative to personally meet the potential adoptive family and evaluate the home environment where one of our Goldens may be placed. During the home visit, all family members that live in the home must be present, as well as any pets they currently have. The home visit also allows your family to meet our volunteers and ask any questions that you may have about the adoption process. 

What happens after the Home Visit? 

  1. If your application and home visit have been approved, your application is put on a waiting list. When our Placement Team believes that your application and criteria matches a Golden in our care, your application will be sent to the foster home for review.

  2. If the foster home believes their foster dog will fit well with your lifestyle and home environment, it will contact you to tell you about the golden in its care.

  3. If your family and the foster home believes this could be a great match, a meeting will be arranged for you (and all household members) to meet the dog.

  4. After meeting the rescue Golden, the adoption does not take place that same day. GRRoW requires at least 24 hours between the applicant meeting the dog and officially adopting. This waiting period is very important; it gives both parties time to process whether or not the foster dog and applicant are a perfect match.

How do I know if I have been approved? 

In any case (approval or denial), you will be contacted by a GRRoW representative. 

How long does it take to adopt? 

Based on how many dogs (if any) in foster care closely match the specifications on your adoption application (gender, age, personality, color, etc.), your wait time could be a couple of months to a year or longer. Note: The wait time for young dogs can often be in excess of a year. Once a potential match is found, a foster family will contact the applicant for a meeting with the foster dog.

Can I adopt from GRRoW if I don't live in Wisconsin?

Unfortunately our policy at this time is not to adopt outside of Wisconsin.  Golden Retriever Rescue of Wisconsin has a strict procedure for matching and placing our rescues.  There are about 50 families at all times waiting to adopt a dog and the wait has become quite long.  For this reason we've now limited our placements to the state of Wisconsin.

What if I have children under the age of 10? 

Because one of our top priorities is safety, GRRoW is very careful about the dogs we place into families with young children. Children living in the adoptive home, full or part time, must be at least nine years old.

Where are your foster dogs?

Golden Retrievers in GRRoW’s care are fostered in volunteers’ homes. We do not have a kennel facility.

Are all the photos of Goldens awaiting adoption on your website? 

All GRRoW dogs that are available for adoption are on the Dogs Currently in Foster Care area of The status’ of the dogs are in each of the dog’s profiles. 

If I see a dog on your website that I am interested in, can I adopt that dog? 

We match our Goldens in foster care to each applicant based on criteria noted on your application and home visit report. It is very easy to fall in love with a picture or a story but that may not truly match what you are looking for in a dog. For this reason, we do not allow applicants to select the dog they want to adopt.

A great testament to this policy is the low rate of returned Goldens that were adopted from GRRoW. Check out the Success Stories page on and read about adopted dogs that are happily living in their forever homes. 

What is the fee for adopting a Golden from GRRoW? 

Please reference the Adopt page on our website ( for a listing of current adoption fees. 

Have the dogs seen a veterinarian while in your care? 

All dogs in GRRoW’s care have been examined by a veterinarian and have had: 

  1. The following vaccinations: DHLPP (or DA2LP-P) Leptospirosis, Rabies and Bordetella.

  2. Snap 4Dx test. This test checks for Lyme, Erlichia, Anaplasma and Heartworm disease. If results are positive in any area, the dog will be treated prior to adoption.

  3. Monthly heartworm preventative (if the foster dog is not heartworm positive).

  4. Monthly flea and tick preventative (April – October).

  5. Fecal. If the fecal test is positive for worms, the dog will be de-wormed prior to adoption.

  6. Ear swab. If the dog has an ear infection, he/she will be treated prior to adoption.

  7. Complete Blood Count (CBC) and Chemistry Panel for all dogs ages 7+, all dogs prior to spay/neuter and/or all dogs prior to any surgery.

  8. Aspiration of any suspicious lumps. If aspirate results are of concern, further steps are taken prior to adoption.

  9. Thyroid Panel (if needed).

  10. Microchip. For identification purposes, all GRRoW foster dogs are microchipped prior to adoption.


GRRoW reserves the right to cancel or deny an application at any time during the application process. Reasons for denial may include, but are not limited to, the age of children within the home; your veterinary reference; a history or use of tie-outs, prong, choke or shock collars; and/or history or intent to confine the dog to a garage, outside area, kennel run or unusually restrictive area within the home for long durations.