Adoption Application Form
Welcome to GRRoW! Thank you for your interest in adopting one of our rescued Golden Retrievers. We are only able to accept applications from Wisconsin residents. Any children living in the adoptive home, full or part time, must be at least nine years old. While a fence is not required in every instance, a physical fence is ideal. Some dogs need large acreages, woods or fields, for supervised off-leash exercise. We place our dogs in adoptive homes using a matching process; you cannot shop for a specific dog. More information about our process can be found on our FAQ page. To start the application process, please read the website carefully and then fill out our Adoption Application. One of our volunteers will contact you.
Read Adoption FAQ and Policies *
I have read the Adoption FAQ and Policies pages on this website and understand that I will not choose my dog, but will be matched with a dog that is the best fit for the dog and my situation.
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I understand that the application fee is not refundable under any circumstances.
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Primary Applicant Name
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Date Of Birth
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Secondary Applicant
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Secondary Applicant Date Of Birth
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Names and ages of everyone living in the home Children living in the home, full or part time, must be at least nine
Please list all pets in the home, including species and age
Previously Owned *
Have you owned a Golden Retriever previously?
How many hours per day will the dog be home alone?
How do you plan to exercise your dog?
Training Classes *
Will you take your dog to training classes
Prevention *
Do you agree to use heartworm prevention and annual testing?
Flea/Tick Prevention *
Do you agree to use seasonal flea/tick prevention?
Health Checks *
Do you agree to provide annual health checks?
If no to any of the above, please explain
Name and contact info of your veterinary reference We will call your veterinarian to confirm preventive and wellness care as part of our background check. Please contact that office now and give permission for the information to be shared with us.
Adopt Ages *
Which age(s) will you adopt? Select all that apply.
Adoption Considerations
Rescue dogs almost always come with medical and/or behavioral needs. Many are older, many require ongoing medical monitoring, sometimes for multiple issues. If you are looking for a perfect dog rescue may not be right for you. Please check as many boxes below as apply. Being open to a variety of situations MAY shorten your wait time.
Special Needs
I will consider a dog with the following special needs
Behavioral Needs
Behavioral Special Needs (may require ongoing training)
Approximately how much money do you expect to spend for a dog’s needs, annually? (food, grooming, training, veterinary, etc.)
Your thoughts on the perfect Golden for your family
Wait Time *
I understand that the wait time for a dog may be a year or more
Matching Process *
I understand and agree that GRRoW uses a matching process to place dogs in adoptive homes and I will not be choosing my dog from the website
Volunteer Contact *
I understand that a GRRoW volunteer will contact me for a required phone interview before a home visit can be scheduled. If the phone interview cannot be completed after a reasonable number of attempts my application will be cancelled. The application fee will NOT be refunded.
Non-guarantee *
I understand that submitting this application is not a guarantee of approval to adopt.
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Adoption Fee Information
There is a $25 application fee. State and county sales tax will be added. Instructions are provided after submitting this form. (If you must pay by check please email us at: for further tax instructions BEFORE submitting form. Applications submitted without payment or arrangements will not be accepted.)