We love dogs, especially Goldens. They’re a popular breed for their good manners and loving nature. In May of 2000, a group of us banded together to create Golden Retriever Rescue of Wisconsin or GRRoW. We formed a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization fully supported by volunteers. Our passion for dogs is pretty obvious to those we meet at events but our statistics speak for themselves: we rescue, we heal, and we find loving homes for golden retrievers throughout Wisconsin.

Surrendered dogs are sometimes abandoned, mistreated, neglected, or surrendered by a shelter, and sometimes a loving family that can simply no longer care for their golden. Taken in by GRRoW volunteers, every golden is provided with medical care if needed and placed in a foster home. Each dog is carefully evaluated in order to match it with a new family. Even as each dog is placed in a new home, we offer support to smooth the transition.


Our website is an expression of our organization’s culture. We hope you’ll join us, shop with us, and donate if it feels right to do so.

GRRoW's Board of Directors:

  • President - Jackie Hegmegee

  • Vice President of Operations - Matt Paterson

  • Vice President of Administration - Barb Gengler

  • Vice President of IT - Karen Van Eperen

  • Secretary - Sandra Lynne Schmutzler

  • Treasurer - Judy Vaughan