• Nala
  • Dog ID: 16-039PR
  • Adoption Date:  09/27/2016


October 3rd, 2016:

Nala has found her forever home! Watch for an update on how she is settling in very soon.

August 15th, 2016:

Nala came to us from Puerto Rico about two weeks ago and has been such a friendly, spunky girl since we got her. Our first stop was to visit coworkers who just adored her and she ate the attention up. We walked to Lambeau Field for family night and met lots of new friends and got more attention and petting. She has been very friendly with everyone she meets and loves the attention. She has a lot of energy and enjoys walks and of course all the new people and petting along the way. We are learning basic commands and potty training which is being picked up well with treats and attention. She has done well with the resident cat and golden and visiting Vizslas. We went to the vet and she will get spayed next month and then we will be looking for her forever home to play with and show her lots of attention.