• Dog ID: 12-057

August 22, 2014 Update:

I wanted to provide you with an update on our beloved KOKO Jack. The good news is his liver values are all normal and he does not have Cushings (something I feared). However, his hind legs are beginning to fail him. He is on a holistic drug and Rimadyl to help with any discomfort. I found a Vet who has a procedure of light rays, designed to target the areas of distress. We have had one procedure and schedule for another on Tuesday. I am to massage both his hips and toes daily. I have been doing it twice a day. However, last night was extremely painful for us both. Jack was unable to walk. Hearing him cry out from his usual sleeping area was heart wrenching. While he remains a rather large dog, (as of last week, he weighed in at 96#) his only wish was to be on my lap which of course I obliged. My immediate reaction was to take him to the Referral Center; however, I am not a fan of the facility for various reasons in which I will not elaborate now. I administered 2 100 mg of the Rimadyl, massaged his hind legs and sang to him. My pitiful singing must have been what aided him as he showed sign of recovery after four hours. Today he is his usual goofy self, chasing rabbits, regally sitting on the porch and attempting to talk to me in his dog-ease. Why am I writing? Of course to keep you informed but more importantly, I was afraid. I will keep you posted on what I hope will be progress. Please put Jack and me in your prayers and thoughts. We need them.