• Angel
  • Dog ID: 16-041PR
  • Gender: Male


October 15th, 2016:

Angel has been adopted by his foster family who lovingly cared for him through two surgeries including one with extraction of ten of his teeth. Below is an update from his new forever family! He is now doing great -- his mouth still has a little ways to go to be completely healed but we are back to throwing toys around and eating some hard foods and just enjoying life. He is adding some weight but also getting enough exercise to keep him from getting overweight. He is starting to want to maybe make friends with other dogs. Every morning when we go out first thing to do is look across the street to see if the Golden that lives there is out. If not we need to bark so he knows we are. The neighbor girls and my nieces all love him and want to keep him. Of course being a good golden he is enjoying all their attention and always looking for more.

I hope he is as happy being with me as I am with him being here.

August 14th, 2016:

Angel is the sweetest boy ever! Period! Angel arrived on July 31st at O’Hare airport. When I let him out of his crate he immediately showered me with kisses. Probably because he was glad to be on solid ground again! He was very tired on the way back from the airport. We didn’t hear a peep out of him. When we got home, he met the two resident Goldens through the fence. No problems whatsoever. He is one happy guy. I gated him off from the other two for bedtime. He went right to sleep. But, when I got up the next morning, he had jumped the gate and was curled up in the chair in the living room sound asleep. Angel has adapted very well to his new surroundings. He found out about Kong’s and squeaky tennis balls and running around the yard with either or both of them. He loves to play but also loves to just sit and snuggle. He goes right to sleep in the evening if we’re watching TV. He’s just an all-around great dog. As far as his health, it’s really pretty darn good. Angel tested heartworm positive in Puerto Rico. But upon retesting here, he was found to not be heartworm positive. Great news! But, his teeth are very worn down and many are broken. This could be the result of being caged and him trying to get out. He will need to have several teeth extracted. That was the not so great news. Due to the need for Angel to have a quiet place to recover, he was moved to another foster home. From all reports he seems to be doing very well there as I knew he would. It was very difficult to let him go to a new foster. He had me the minute he got out of his crate at the airport. He sure is going to be a great dog for some lucky family.