• Nutmeg
  • Dog ID: 16-056
  • Adoption Date:  11/25/2016


November 25th, 2016:

Nutmeg went to her forever home on Thanksgiving. She will be with a family who has no children in the home. Her new home has a fenced in yard, a cat, and an older golden retriever to keep her busy. She is expecting lots of walks and can't wait to get up to that cabin up north. More later as she learns more about her new home and forever family.

November 7th, 2016:

Nutmeg was awesome on the two leg journey after her assessment. Not a peep out of this gal who was wondering where the journey would end. After arriving at her foster home and the routine “getting to know you” time, Nutmeg was introduced to the resident golden and her new surroundings. She loved the fenced in yard and enjoyed a campfire before settling in for the night…again, without a peep.
We had a great 3 mile walk and she walked like a champion with very little leash pulling and did very well with leash correction. There was even a band of about 5 motorcycles at about mile 2 where we thought we might lose her but with a little leash correction and encouragement she did really well with the noise they create as they went by. We played “through dogs ears” for her right after putting her in the kennel for the night and she did not make a noise all night long. She played ball last night in the yard last night and this morning when we let her out I said “where is your ball,” and she grabbed it and brought it to me. Nutmeg was very hesitant with stairs but got the hang of them now and is enjoying exploring the whole house. She is definitely one very smart cookie. Right now Nutmeg is on antibiotics for an infection after her spay, but she should be ready for her vet visit in about two weeks.