Will 16-049 I Happy Dog Update I GRROW

October 14, 2016

Will is a delight. Still very easy. He did very well at Boston Store. A one year old laid his head on him and gave him kisses. He didn't do a thing. His hair is growing back in the areas that had scabs on them. He is still on allergy meds until a hard frost. He seems to have a mind of his own. On walks if he doesn't want to come on the side of the road (he prefers to walk in the middle) we have to pull him in. He will not come willingly. Also, if he is outside and busy he will walk away from us. However, we are not sure he can hear. There are times I think he can but for the most part we think he has hearing loss. He loves to be brushed and petted.

Hailey 15-012 I Forever Foster Update I GRRoW

Hailey continues to be her funny self. I don't remember laughing this much before she arrived. She has added great enjoyment and brevity to this household. She adapts to the routines that change from time to time. Her adaptability is really a strength. She does have an "air" about her and a look when she wants something and I'm not jumping up to get it for her. She expects me to read her thoughts to minimize her effort. Thankfully, I'm not tempted to go down that road with her. She continues to do very well at my home office and has learned that when I have the leash on her in the house, she is to lay down quietly while clients are here after greeting them when they arrive. Resting quietly for the hour is not difficult for her to do. When the leash comes off, she knows she is free to roam or play with her toys. Another great month!

Biscuit and Jeleika 16-019 and 16-026 I Adoption Updates I GRRoW

Biscuit and Jeleika, fondly known as the girls, have settled into their new home. They love the picture window for the excellent squirrel viewing. They also love the fenced in backyard where two fat rabbits like to hang out. The house has multiple stories for exploring. It is truly dog heaven. And, they are with a loving family who are so excited to have them move in. Biscuit's fur is beginning to fill in. The existing fur has become thick and luxuriant. She was checked out for several diseases that could have made her so sick with mange. But, she is a healthy dog who just needed pampering. And, her relationship with Jeleika has been a big part of her recovery. The girls are a wonderful duo. They cause people to smile and laugh and want to take them home. Even the vet was enchanted. The world is a better place with the girls in it.

Two peas in a pod!

Two peas in a pod!