• Jeleika
  • Dog ID: 16-017PR
  • Surrender Date:  6/12/2016
  • Gender: Female
  • Adoption Fee: $350
  • Age: 2 Years
  • Energy Level: Medium
  • Interactions with dogs: Good
  • Interactions with kids: Unknown
  • Interactions with cats: Unknown
  • Medical or Behavior Challenge Notes:


August 30th, 2016:

Jeleika is ready for adoption. She has mastered the skills of the Puerto Rico-dog-comes-to-America. She also has become bonded with our other foster dog, Biscuit, and they will be adopted out together. These two young ladies have looked to each other for support in their difficult time after being surrendered. They are the very best of friends and it truly is like having one dog, not two. They even go potty at the same time! Jeleika is a sweet girl.

July 10th, 2016:

Jeleika was a news star this week. She was on Studio A news program on Fox 6 in Milwaukee. Although she appeared asleep during the taping, she was just resting her eyes. She had sociably visited everyone behind the scenes prior to the filming and conducted herself like a lady. Once the interview was over, she popped up and trotted to the car. She was a great ambassador to GRRoW. One of the show's hosts commented that her fur felt as soft as a chamois. She is so soft and her fur smells naturally so good. Snuggling is her favorite thing to do and she loves going on walks. She will even jog for 2-3 miles. She is a wonderful addition to our home. Jeleika is close to being ready to be adopted. She would do best in a home as the only dog. She is very good with cats.

June 17th, 2016:

Jeleika arrived from Puerto Rico on June 12 and GRRoW volunteers picked her and her buddy Mimo up at O'Hare and transported her to her foster home. Here's the first update from her foster mom: Jeleika arrived from Puerto Rico in good spirits. She was tired but calm. She has adjusted to Wisconsin very quickly. She has learned to go potty on the grass instead of concrete. And, she has learned that grass is so tasty to munch on. I am told grass is very different in Puerto RIco! This hot weather does not faze her at all. She is ready for a walk no matter how hot it is! (unlike her humans). Her coat is shorter than Wisconsin golden retrievers have and that might make for a cold winter. If her fur does not get thicker, I am sure she would look very sporting in a doggy coat! Her temperament is endearing. She loves being with people. She would do very well in a household that offers a lot of human interaction. Everywhere that we go, she is right there. And, she loves to share her attentions with all the household members. Jeleika is a wonderful dog, with very good manners.

Jeleika is currently available for adoption through our match process only. If you are interested in adopting one of our GRRoW dogs and would like to be added to our list of waiting families, please fill out an application found in the adoption section. Dogs that are available for adoption are then carefully matched with families from the list starting with those who have been waiting the longest. Although we cannot guarantee you will be matched with the dog of your choice, we recommend you mention any dogs you are interested in on your application.