GRRoW is now accepting Pre-Adoption Inquiries.

While we continue to have a waiting list, we are looking for prospective forever homes with the following: Fenced in yards, families able to address and pay for dog with medical / behavioral needs, and families willing to adopt older dogs, specifically ages 7-11.

There is a wait list for younger, healthier dogs still. Please also take the time to read through our adoption policies & faq's.

Success Stories

"Dashung now known as Dax has been a great addition to our family. He quickly acclimated to our house and loves his new human brother and sister and his doggy sister. He loves sleeping on the couch, getting his num nums and running around with the kids. DAX is the sweetest most loving dog and we couldn't be happier. We are so thankful to grrow for bringing him into our family." 

Welcome to GRRoW!

GRRoW provides adoption services to golden retrievers. Some of our goldens need extra attention, some just a loving home.                     We do this all on a volunteer basis.

GRRoW's Mission:

  • To encourage and promote responsible dog ownership and to reduce the abuse and neglect of all Golden Retrievers through rehabilitation and adoption.
  • To do all in our power to assure the humane treatment of Golden Retrievers and to accept unwanted Golden Retrievers, care for them medically, spay/neuter and rehabilitate them and place them in caring homes.
  • To educate the public in responsible dog ownership to include proper health, spay/neutering, nutrition, training and good canine citizenship.
  • To discourage unwanted or careless breeding practices and promote humane care for all dogs.
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